Month: May 2021

Fabulous Living Room Design With an Accent Rug

Contemporary living room styles can be fashioned by blending bold colors, bringing simple organization solutions to the home, and making smart furniture selections. Get inspired by these friendly living room design ideas that feature an eclectic mix of contemporary style, practicality and comfort. Choose furniture that will make friends laugh and say “Good night!”

For a sophisticated look, try a round coffee table with polished chrome legs, an elegant base, and stylish modern edges. This style is great for small or large homes and works well as an accent piece. Try a similarly themed coffee table with a unique angular shape and glass-encrusted metal body. This elegant piece is great for small rooms with sharp corners. It is also a great option for apartments without enough storage. You can use a contemporary storage bench on its own, or use it as a centerpiece when you put your other furniture arrangements in place.

A sleek and durable modern coffee table with smooth stainless steel legs is a great option for apartments without much storage space. The round top is designed to save pinholes and let light shine through. This stylish coffee table comes in black or a rich cherry finish. If you want a coffee table that will blend well with your interior decor, consider a dark oak with clean white legs and top.

Add some color to your living room by adding an upholstered sofa. This sofa will have plenty of seating room and add a soft touch of color. Add a few throw pillows with contrasting colors and you’ll have a complete design that works well with your interior decor. This sofa and throws are a great option if you don’t have much room for a full couch but want a comfortable seating area for reading, chatting with friends, or napping on the sofa during late nights.

An Ottoman is another great way to add a touch of glam to your living room designs. A tall, rolled Ottoman makes a great footrest for reading or watching TV. In addition, an Ottoman can also be used to store books, tumblers of wine, or a small lampshade when not in use. If you don’t have a lot of space, try a foldable Ottoman, which are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

When it comes to high-end living room design, nothing beats a lush, fully-stocked coffee table. A high-end coffee table with a glass top, marble veneers, or granite countertops will enhance your living room’s sophisticated appeal. The best part about using a coffee table with a rug is that you can use one as a pedestal, or as a secondary table to set up your other furniture. Don’t forget that you can purchase a coffee table with a matching end table or side table in the same color or style as your sofa or couch. When done correctly, a coffee table with an accent rug can be the most elegant way to complete your living room design.

How to Make Your Bedroom Shelves Appealing

Decorating your bedroom shelves can be a challenging task, even for most experienced interior designers. There are several ways and ideas to make your shelves and the entire room appealing. Whether you are moving into a new home or looking to redesign your old cluttered one, it should be easy to have an idea of how you want it to look. Sometimes, even with the idea, it still is intimidating to implement, or the design does not come out as that of the idea’s source. Here are tips on how to create a stylish and satisfying outlook for your bedroom shelves:

Clear the Shelving Units

Begin your decoration process with a blank slate; take out all items initially on the shelf. For a new shelf, pull out all items that you want to put on the shelves. Starting from scratch enables you to focus on each shelf individually; clutter can distract your creativity. Putting the items all out gives you an insight into what might be missing.

Pick a color palette.

Choose colors that complement your existing room décor. You want to achieve a cohesive color theme, colors that work together. Unless you want a monochrome design, go for one primary color and add at least two other colors to accentuate your design.

Decide what items to put on the shelves

Once you pick out your color theme, choose all items you think are the most important for your bedroom. They can include books, plants, ornaments, art pieces, candles, lanterns, small frames, among others. You can use attractive organizational bins for items you want to keep around but not too visible, such as charging cables.

Divide your shelves

It is easier to navigate through a portioned space rather than one huge blank space. Dividing helps you decide where each group of items will go and brings out a neat outlook.

Group similar items together

Putting items with similar colors and shape together gives an idea of where you want them to go as you arrange the shelves. Your goal is to achieve a visual balance, achieved from the location of objects and the size. Similar items do not mean the design is monotonous; instead, it means repetition of similar decor elements throughout your display.

Work through the heights.

Interior designers’ all-time trick is to place all tall items or objects at the ends of the shelves. This idea accentuates your design. Ensure to place your favorite or frequent use items at the center of each shelf.You can achieve any look you aspire to by adding variety, arrangement, and balance to create a comfortable look. You can find more tips and decoration inspirations on Tylko’s article:

How to Pick the Perfect Drawers for Your Home

Having a chest of drawers in your home is one of the best ways to magnify the décor of your living room or even the bedroom. A chest of drawers is a fantastic piece, and if you don’t have one, you should consider getting one. If you are into a chest of drawers and you have no idea of picking the right one, below are some valuable tips you could put into consideration.


Whether you are buying a chest of drawers or any other household item, one thing you should put into consideration is quality. If you think of buying a new piece of furniture, don’t just buy it; invest in its quality to serve you for many years. For a chest of drawers, ensure that you purchase one from a recommended brand, and this way, quality will be the least of your worries.


Before purchasing a piece of furniture, ensure it will fit in its designated space. There is no worse feeling than buying something then later find out that it doesn’t fit your space. Another essential aspect of putting in mind is its height. If you have children, buying one, or customize a height for your children to reach the top drawers with ease.

Number of Drawers

Putting in mind why you need a chest of drawers is essential. Know how bad you need storage and buy one accordingly. If you have ample space, you can consider getting a bigger chest of drawers. An odd-numbered chest of drawers will improve the look of your living room and give it a more sophisticated look.

Cost and budget

For the best chest of drawers, be ready to spend some cash. After all, nothing good comes cheap. You can find some of the best chest of drawers online, and they can be custom-made according to your preference. You can also check in local stores to find something that goes with your budget.


A chest of drawers is a fantastic piece of furniture because it can be placed anywhere in your home, as long it fits perfectly. It can be placed in your bedroom to store your t-shirts, socks, and vests. You can store cutlery in the kitchen in the kitchen, while in the living room, you can store magazines.

A chest of drawers is a piece of multipurpose furniture. If you don’t have one, maybe it is time to reconsider if you are currently buying furniture, including a chest of drawers.