Striking the perfect balance between the functionality and style of your wardrobe and your entire bedroom can be a bit challenging. The wardrobe is the second important furniture in a house apart from your bed since it serves both the functional and aesthetic roles. As such, you should always choose the best design and type of wardrobe that best suits your needs and fits your house’ décor. There are many factors that homeowners must consider in order to choose a perfect and excellently designed wardrobe. Wardrobes are either modular or carpenter-made. Carpenter-made wardrobes can be designed to suit your requirements, while modular are ready-made factory wardrobes. Some of the top-notch ideas that one must consider before purchasing a wardrobe include;

Decide the Type

Deciding the type of wardrobe that is best-suited for your house is one of the principal decisions that you have to make. You can always choose between a fitted or a free-standing wardrobe. A fitted wardrobe is mostly customized or designed to according to the shape of your house. As such, a fitted wardrobe can be constructed to suit the awkward or weird nature of your room. Also, a built-in wardrobe allows you to choose your favourite colour and material that you want utilized during its construction. On the other hand, although a free-standing wardrobe is highly recommended due to its portability it limits your freedom to choose your best-loved design, material and material for construction.


Although choosing the perfect style for your wardrobe can be challenging, you should always select one that matches with the interior theme or décor of other pieces of furniture in your house.

Storage Needs

Your storage requirements are also a key determinant while choosing your most-preferred wardrobe design. For instance, you should always have adequate hanging space if your wardrobe mostly involves formal wear, dresses and skirts. Alternatively, if you have numerous accessories, your house should always have many drawers where you can easily organize such items.

Qualities of Best Tylko Wardrobes 

Tylko provides the best wardrobes in the market which suit all your needs: Tylko wardrobes are constructed using two smart depths, which ensure the perfect utilization of your bedroom space. It offers (63CM) for complete-depth hanging rails and (53CM) for slimmer hanging rails. Additionally, Tylko wardrobes are perfectly designed with both external and internal drawers which increase the storage space for your accessories.